Duration of the Product Warranty Period

The maximum duration of warranty period, offered for Alternative Vape distributed products is up to 2 years (24 months) starting with the product's purchase date. The warranty period of different products (makes, manufacturers, etc.) might be different. Warranty period for each product can be found in it's detailed description.

Warranty Terms and Limitations:

Warranty applies exclusively for the electronic parts of the vaping device (battery mods, batteries, electronic accessories, such as chargers, cables, etc.)

Limited warranty does not apply:
1. If battery of the device is mechanically damaged (is broken or was tampered with);
2. If the device was used inappropriately (not according to usage recommendations);
3. If warranty period of the device is already expired.

Limited warranty does not apply for quickly worn-out parts, such as atomizers, drip-tips, pods, cartridges, caps, e-liquid, atomizer heads and other non-electronic parts of the vaping device.

Money-Back Guarantee

If the product that You have purchased does not live up to Your expectations, return the product in less than 14 days from it's purchase date and You will get the money back.

Note: the price of quickly worn-out parts (atomizers, drip-tips, pods, cartridges, caps, e-liquid, atomizer heads, batteries etc.) will be deducted from the refundable amount, as they are not the subjectable with money-back guarantee.

Money-back guarantee does not apply:

1. If the products are cosmetically damaged (have signs of use, are scratched or package is damaged);
2. If the products are broken due to client's inappropriate use;
3. If the products being returned are lacking original package or the package is incomplete.

Money-back guarantee also DOES NOT APPLY FOR USED: disposable e-cigarettes, MINI e-cigarette kits, atomizers, drip tips, coil heads, batteries, e-liquid cartridges/pods, and opened bottles of e-liquid.

Alternative Vape Ltd takes no responsibility for the result of you making your own e-liquid.

Refund Process

If You are willing to return the product and get Your money back, You can return the product to The Alternative Professional Vape Shop from which it was purchased.

After returning the product, money will be refunded to Your bank account in 5 to 14 business days!

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