E-shop Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points

By shopping in Alternative Vape e-shop, You acquire Loyalty Points that are exchangeable to Pounds and can be used while shopping online to cover a fraction of the product's online price.

Calculation of Loyalty Points

By spending 20€ in The Alternative Professional Vape Shop e-shop You acquire 1 loyalty point.
You can exchange loyalty points to Pounds in 1:1 ratio. In example, if You have collected 5 loyalty points, You will be able to use them to cover 5€ of the online order value by using a voucher in the e-shop.

Utilization of Loyalty Points

You can view the amount of collected loyalty points by signing in to Your e-shop account. You will have to exchange them into a discount voucher in order to use them shopping. Enter the discount voucher code while completing the order.

NOTE: You can only use loyalty points to cover a fraction of order value if the order value exceeds or is equal to 14.5€

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